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10 Years of Thomas Eyck

10 Years of Thomas Eyck

10 Years of Thomas Eyck is a collaboration project of the Zuiderzee Museum, curator and scenographer Jules van den Langenberg and Thomas Eyck himself. Van den Langenberg selected ten product series from the t.e. collection which are exemplary of Eyck’s collaboration with the designers and producers over the past ten years. Accordingly, ten young designers, artists and architects were invited to create an installation in which the selected t.e. objects are placed in a new context. In this way the exhibition reviews the past decade and forecasts a potential future for the t.e. label.

Jules van den Langenberg: “The author Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: “I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization”. Thomas Eyck invests time, primarily in a designer’s body of thought. A generous approach, which has resulted in a collection of iconic items which, apart from an economic value, also have a distinct cultural value. Rather than just a retrospective, the exhibition intends to reflect on Eyck’s collection and working method. The way in which he works with designers and producers and the objects he has gradually accumulated over the past ten years have been studied by an eclectic selection of artists, designers and architects who, especially for the exhibition, have developed new projects in which the iconic t.e. products are given a new context. This approach generates debate and forms a library of thoughts on the present state of the t.e. collection and on the way Eyck’s commissionership may develop in the future”.

Exhibition: 10 Years of Thomas Eyck
Location: Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen
Date: Fri 23 Dec 2016 - Sun 14 May 2017