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about thomas eyck

Thomas Eyck (1964-2023) started his design label t.e. in 2007. Since then he published and distributed over 200 characteristic and exclusive contemporary design products by 20 designers. Each of the products was presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and sold worldwide.

By taking great care in choosing the materials to work with, the producers and production techniques as well as the skill and creativity of the designers, Eyck introduced a new movement in Dutch Design that was traditionally focused on concept and not on craftmanship and form. Eyck believed that the union of design and material and a careful process of product development - from the first idea until the finishing touch - were very important. He was fascinated by the process: 'how with good design and the right craftspeople, you can make something very special out of it. A material should be exciting and able to tell a story. It doesn’t have to be an ‘old’ material. It should be about what the designer wants to do with it, and what can be done’.

Eyck commissioned one or two designers each year to create a product line based on a material or a concept of his choice. Eyck’s involvement was always personal. He listenend to his feelings about what he thought had quality, which proved to be successful. Most of the products bearing the t.e. label are in the collections of several renowned 
national and international museums. Through his trustworthy, genuinely interest in design and making it work financially, he also helped boost the career of some of the Netherlands’ important designers like Aldo Bakker and Christien Meindertsma.

“Sometimes the future holds”: Thomas Eyck died on 4 July 2023. His vivid spirit continues to live in the products that he carefully developed, commissioned, and sold. That is his legacy.

t.e. will cease to exist.  Products remain available for sale while stock lasts.