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about thomas eyck

Thomas Eyck publishes and distributes characteristic and exclusive contemporary design products. He takes great care in choosing the materials to work with, the producers and production techniques as well as the skill and creativity of the designers.

Since the launch of the design label t.e. in 2007, a collection of more than 200 items was built, each of which were presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and are sold worldwide. Each year Thomas Eyck invites one or two designers to create a series of items from a particular material, based on their handwriting. The company’s aim is to develop an extraordinary series each year. This means that the collection develops slowly.

His love of materials comes from working at Royal Tichelaar Makkum for seven years. ‘The clay for the ceramics was dug just a few hundred metres away from the factory. This virtually worthless raw material was processed, modelled and painted, to emerge as a valuable product. I was fascinated by the transformation: how with good design and the right craftspeople, you can make something very special out of nothing. With an item like that, I feel the energy and time that was invested in making it.’

A material should be exciting and able to tell a story. It doesn’t have to be an ‘old’ material. It should be about what the designer wants to do with it, and what can be done. We try to find a craft firm that is able to hand-make the utensils and artworks that we want to develop, and will do this with the greatest of care and precision. ‘I believe that the union of design and material and a careful process of product development – from the first idea until the ‘ fnishing touch’ – are very important.’