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t.e. 158

t.e. 158

silent fish

Silent Fish is a continuous study that started at the Waddensea. At a low tide, when the sea retrieves itself, washed ashore animals and plants appear on the muddy surface of the Waddensea coast. The fish that were once active and alive, have become static objects. “We find the limpness of the fish very poetic. It has a similar kind of gracefulness as a ballet but without making even one movement. This is what we’re trying to capture. For us it’s not a dead animal that we see, but it’s an object carrying a lot of emotion and poetry. And that’s just what makes it interesting for us as designers; capturing emotion and poetry and turning it into an object”
Patterns of a grey mullet and cod are made and reproduced in light weighted newspaper to remain nothing but shape. The fragile objects are presented in dark grey acrylic box.

acrylic glass, paper, scotch tape

limited and numbered edition of 10 pieces.

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