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t.e. 215

t.e. 215

made by rain - porcelain

The porcelain collection follows up the textile collection and was developed during a three-month creative residency by Aliki in Arita, Japan.     In a collaboration with the potter Fukusengama, Aliki came to a process to ‘draw’ on porcelain with the rain. They investigated how to achieve a contemporary approach to traditional Arita-ware and create a modest patterning on the porcelain by using real rain together with several experimental stages of glazing. They found a productive and stable way to imprint and fix the desired rain patterns. The color used is typical ‘Fukusen’ blue and is used in three tones. The Japanese rain is imprinted on the icon plate from Fukusengama with a diameter of 31 cm and receives, just like the scarfs, the notation of the location, time and weather circumstances of exposure to the weather. 

including hanging system.

Ø 31 cm x 1,5 cm


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