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t.e. 232

t.e. 232

t.e. 231, watering can
complete set of 15 colours
edition 01 - 05 / 15
20 x 1,6 x 20 cm

In 2022 thomas eyck celebrates its 15th anniversary. Exactly 15 years ago we exhibited at Galleria Rossana Orlandi with our first collection of aldo bakker. Now, 15 years later, our collection is indispensable in the design world. We have developed more than 40 projects with 229 special objects with 17 different artists and designers.

To celebrate this lustrum, we are relaunching an iconic design by aldo bakker, the watering can in porcelain. Together with aldo we have developed 15 beautiful colors, each color made in a numbered edition of 15. All functional parts of the watering can have been translated into a tube. The handle is a reservoir for water, just like the actual container and spout. The oval shape of the tube enhances the graphic quality
of the object.

last one available!

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aldo bakker

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The small carafe forms the start of the harvey series. Approached from the back side it looks like a cup, but when turned a quarter, the appearance changes completely. The frontside exists of a sprout, giving it a perky opposite shape to the cup.
The cup shape forms the base of the complete series. It includes the small and large carafe, a stackable cup in 3 sizes, a plate / tray and a candle stand that accommodates the 3 most common candle sizes.
All the objects are produced by Studio Zand . Made from a deep warm anthracite porcelain. Due to the hand polished finish the surface is dense, and it provides a subtle shine
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t.e. 231 t.e. 231, watering can
15 colours, numbered edition of 15 each.
20 x 1,6 x 20 cm
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