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alexander van slobbe

Alexander van Slobbe (1959, Schiedam, the Netherlands) studied fashion design at the hogeschool voor de kunsten in Arnhem, where he graduated in woman's and man's design and illustrations. There he became interested in the minimalist School of Dutch architecture and design, and began applying these principles to his fashion design. In 1989 he introduced his women’s line orson + bodil. The men’s label SO by alexander van slobbe was developed in 1993. When SO was sold in 2003 Van Slobbe was able to concentrate again on orson + bodil and started colloborations with company’s like Royal Tichelaar Makkum and Puma.
In 2009 a book publication and a solo exhibition at Central Museum Utrecht marked his 20th jubilee as independant designer. In recent years Van Slobbe was involved as guestcurator of different design exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.
For the newly opened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam he designed the uniforms.

Van Slobbe received numerous awards such as the Theo Limperg Prize for Best Industrial Design and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Prize for Applied Arts and Architecture.

Since Royal Tichelaar made porcelain buttons for orson + bodil and a hand painted cap for his perfume, Alexander van Slobbe and Tichelaar are well acquainted and discovered a common vision. Both value dedicated hand work, quality materials and the importance of history highly. The project 'Pearls of Makkum' comprises a series enlarged porcelain 'pearls', made with different glazings and decorations.

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