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Generally speaking, stones are strong. But if you are thinking about the physical meaning of “strong” it means you are wrong! In rhyme we trust. This was our very first collection. It was a provocation on the physicality of the material: “it’s not as it seems”… big stones, apparently very heavy, but in reality very light, because of what they are made of: resin. It was a sophisticated trick. What about the style then? Our stones are strong in a philosophical way: they have a big, bold and brave personality. "To be or not be, that is the question". We have no doubt about the answer: to B, to B, to B... Big, Bold, Brave.
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hi lands necklacenecklace hi lands

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hi lands earrings Is alternating elements the way to create alternative jewels? Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. No. As you can see, we madly love "alternations”. For this collection, we wanted to fix a sequence, alternating forms and colours, in order to create a strong pattern. We thought that colour combinations had to be unexpected, sometimes provocative and still, fresh and... different.
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hi lands bracelet
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