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Paper is a thin material produced by pressing together moist fibres of cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets. It is a versatile material with many uses, including writing, printing, packaging, cleaning, and a number of industrial and construction processes.

Irma Boom - "colour-based on nature"
Thomas Eyck introduces “colour-based on nature”, designed by Irma Boom. “colour-based on nature” consists of a book and seven different wallpapers, derived from UNESCO nature sites in every continent.

The book “colour-based on nature” provides an intriguing analysis and graphic exploration of colour through an examination of 80 UNESCO nature sites, ranging from Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the Jungfrau in Swiss. Each double folded page takes on a specially printed individual colour and is perforated into strips, playing on the idea of a colour sample book. Opening of the double page with a blunt knife or letter-opener reveals an abstract colour diagram of a nature site and provides for a reflection on the beauty of colours in nature.

From each continent one colour diagram has been translated into wallpaper. This wallpaper is developed in close cooperation with Eijffinger, founded in 1875. The wallpaper is printed on a new developed non woven in a special width of 75 cm. With the book and the wallpaper Irma Boom shows again why she is considered as one of the leading graphic designers of the world. 

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second and last edition of 1843 prints

335 p ills colour & b/w 14 x 20 English / Japanese pb
ISBN 9784990717377
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t.e. 228PIG 05049
7th edition

Tracing and charting all the products made from a single commercial pig
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t.e. 216Rijksmuseum dna wallpaper

Hang one of the 18 famous paintings from the Rijksmuseum on your wall with the dna wallpaper!

Renowned graphic designer Irma Boom spent ten years deconstructing the museum's paintings to distill their colour dna., The six colours that make up the painting. These dna swatches of an individual painting, like Vermeer's Milkmaid, are available as wallpaper in narrow or broad stripes. Just choose and / or combine your favorite classic for your wall.
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t.e. 158silent fish

Silent Fish is a continuous study that started at the Waddensea. At a low tide, when the sea retrieves itself, washed ashore animals and plants appear on the muddy surface of the Waddensea coast. The fish that were once active and alive, have become static objects. “We find the limpness of the fish very poetic. It has a similar kind of gracefulness as a ballet but without making even one movement. This is what we’re trying to capture. For us it’s not a dead animal that we see, but it’s an object carrying a lot of emotion and poetry. And that’s just what makes it interesting for us as designers; capturing emotion and poetry and turning it into an object”
Patterns of a grey mullet and cod are made and reproduced in light weighted newspaper to remain nothing but shape. The fragile objects are presented in dark grey acrylic box.
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t.e. 127wallpaper "based on nature"

nature site: mana pools national park, zimbabwe
roll  48,7  x 900 cm length
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t.e. 126wallpaper "based on nature"

nature site: great barrier reef, australia
roll  48,7  x 900 cm length
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t.e. 125wallpaper " based on nature"

nature site: shirakami-sanchi, japan
roll  48,7 x 900 cm  length
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t.e. 124wallpaper "based on nature"

nature site: hawaii volcanoes national park
roll  48,7  x 900 cm length
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t.e. 123wallpaper "based on nature"

nature site: area de conservation guanacaste, cost rica
roll  48,7  x 900 cm length
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t.e. 122wallpaper "based on nature"

nature site: Jungfrau-Aletsch
roll  48,7  x 900 cm length
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t.e. 121wallpaper "based on nature"

nature site: waddensea, the netherlands / germany
roll  48,7  x 900 cm  length
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t.e. 120book: colour-based on nature

edition of 4100
176 pages
240 x 315 mm
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