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t.e. 182

t.e. 182

1.41 flax chair

After Label/Breed connected Christien Meindertsma with Enkev, a company specializing in natural fibers, they concluded that a composite of flax and PLA — or polylactic acid, a bioplastic — would be an ideal sustainable construction material. She designed the chair to be made from one sheet of composite measuring roughly 2 feet by 3 feet, with very little waste. The initial run will use straw-colored natural flax. Big winner at  the Dutch Design Award 2016 & New Material Award 2016 and purchased by Vitra Design Museum 2016.

dimensions : 53 x 53 x 81 cm high

christien meindertsma
delivery time: 1 weeks
404.96 for customers outside the EU during checkout

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