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t.e. 207

t.e. 207

t.e. 207 clay service set brunssum

Clay Service is a set of plates, cup and bowl that showcases clay from different locations
throughout the Netherlands.  Brunssum is situated in the south of Holland. Born as a handmade table service during Atelier NL’s
Noordoostpolder residency, each piece’s colour and structure speaks to the local land from which
the clay was excavated by hand. The unique set first entered into formal production through
cooperation with Royal Tichelaar Makkum, who produced sets from various areas
of the country. In-house production has now begun at Atelier NL’s Earth Alchemy factory. 
The Clay Service is reintroduced via a new production methodology that merges public participation with process.
We are very proud to have these beautiful items exclusively in our collection.

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